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Renewals are now open!  SSOT members should have received an email and a mailed copy.  If you have not, please contact SSOT Admin at admin@ssot.sk.ca
SSOT Administrative Assistant will be away from the office January 19th - January 31st.  If you have any questions regarding renewals or registration, please contact Sherry Just, SSOT Executive Director by email at ed@ssot.sk.ca or Miranda Hall at registrar@ssot.sk.ca

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Find an Occupational Therapist

To find an Occupational Therapist in Saskatchewan, look up "Occupational Therapists" in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory or call the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists at (306) 956-7768.

SSOT Membership List of Occupational Therapists

March 1, 2017 - February 28th, 2018 - Link to public registry
Occupational Therapists work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, child development centers, public health offices, community services, and private practice. Duties and responsibilities vary depending on the position and location of service.

Health Regions / Hospitals

The cost of therapy treatment received through a Saskatchewan Health Region or hospital is covered by Saskatchewan Health. Many hospitals have outpatient therapy programs. Community therapy services (services provided in the home) may also be provided through your health region. In-patient therapy may be provided after surgery, an accident, a stroke, a burn, a heart attack, an amputation, a respiratory illness, and many other conditions. Some facilities may request a doctor’s referral, so call your health region or nearest hospital therapy or rehabilitation department and ask about their policies.

Private Clinics

In Saskatchewan, a doctor's referral is not required to receive treatment from Occupational Therapists working in a private clinic. Treatment is provided on a 'fee for service' basis; that is, you - the client, pay for the treatment received. However, treatment may be covered under auto insurance plans, workers' insurance plans or other extended health plans (third party insurers). Contact your employee benefits plan administrator or private health insurance provider to discuss the details.

Private Practice List - Link to private practice registry

Have Difficulty Finding an Occupational Therapist?

SSOT recognizes that it can be difficult to find occupational therapy services in Saskatchewan. We have outlined some of the reasons why this situation exists in our province.

LMOT position paper October 2017