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Why do OT’s need to be registered?

According to provincial legislation (The Occupational Therapists Act, 1997), Occupational Therapists must be registered with SSOT in order to have a license to practice in Saskatchewan. Ensuring your OT is registered proves they have completed the necessary educational and continuing competency requirements to be able to safely practice. Registration also provides for protection of the title of Occupational Therapist. It is illegal to use the title “Occupational Therapist” in Saskatchewan without registration with SSOT.
All occupational therapists applying for Licensure in Saskatchewan will be required to successfully complete the CAOT exam. Prior to successful completion of the CAOT exam, new graduates can apply for a Restricted License Level 2 for up to 20 months depending on the date of commencement of their Restricted license. Restricted License Level 2 holders will need to have a designated occupational therapist or an approved supervisor and will need to submit reports to the Credentials Committee contact person bi-monthly until successful completion of the CAOT exam.

Continuing Competency Program

As professionals, OT’s must remain up to date with treatment methods and practice standards. SSOT requires Occupational Therapists to incorporate the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada – 3nd Edition into their practice of occupational therapy and participate in the SSOT Continuing Competency Program.

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