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New Applicants

ALL applicants must receive confirmation, either it be from an e-mail or verbal, that they are registered and are able to work in Saskatchewan.  If you haven't received communication from our Registrar, you are NOT registered. 

New Canadian Graduate in Occupational Therapy

In order to practice as an Occupational Therapist in Saskatchewan, registration with SSOT is compulsory under the Occupational Therapist's Act, 1997. Registration with SSOT assures the public that the Occupational Therapist has successfully completed all requirements of registration as defined in the legislation. It is advisable to begin your registration application early, as you must be registered and hold the applicable practice permit before commencing employment (including workplace orientation).

Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists

International applicants are Occupational Therapists applying to SSOT with academic credentials from outside of Canada. International applicants must have successfully completed an entry-level university degree (baccalaureate or Professional Master’s) in an occupational therapy program recognized by SSOT Council or equivalent education.  Starting on May 1 all Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists will need to first apply to the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO) to be assessed by the Substantial Equivalency Assessment Service (SEAS).

Canadian Occupational Therapists Starting Practice in Saskatchewan

An Occupational Therapist licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction may have his/her qualifications recognized for registration in Saskatchewan under a Labour Mobility Support Agreement (LMSA) between provincial regulatory organizations. If you are not eligible for registration under the LMSA, your application will be considered under the regular registration process. For information on the regular registration process, refer to New Canadian Graduate in Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapists returning to practice

If you have not worked 1000 hours in the last five years or 600 hours in the last three years as a licensed Occupational Therapist in a regulated province or country, you may be required to complete the SSOT Re-Entry Program prior to being eligible for a Practicing License. While the applicant is participating in the SSOT Re-Entry Program s/he will have a Restricted License.

Student Memberships

Student memberships only require one application for the duration of your academic program. You will need to submit the completed SSOT Student Application Form including a letter from a Canadian Occupational Therapy University program stating that you are currently enrolled in their program, or be included on a student enrollment list provided by the University with the end date of the program listed.


SSOT does not reimburse any membership fees.  

License/Membership Renewal

The SSOT Membership year runs from March 1 to the end of February. All SSOT Members will receive a renewal package in the mail to their home address in December each year. It is the responsibility of the SSOT Member to ensure that they completely fill out the renewal forms and submit appropriate fees to SSOT. Members are encouraged to contact the SSOT Office to verify that their renewal form has been received by the SSOT Office.

Renewal of your registration is required on February 15 each year. The annual registration form and fee must be received no later than February 15 to avoid a late fee penalty. If your annual registration form and fee are not received by the last day of February at 5 pm you will not be licensed to work in Saskatchewan as an Occupational Therapist and your employer will be notified.

In February SSOT member's renewals will be checked to ensure that they have adequate occupational therapy practise hours. SSOT Members are required to have worked 1000 hours in the last five years or 600 hours in the last three years.

LMSA Agreement
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