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New Canadian Graduate in Occupational Therapists

ALL applicants must receive confirmation, either it be from an e-mail or verbal, that they are registered and are able to work in Saskatchewan.  If you haven't received communication from our Registrar, you are NOT registered. 

In order to practice as an Occupational Therapist in Saskatchewan, registration with SSOT is compulsory under the Occupational Therapist's Act, 1997. Registration with SSOT assures the public that the Occupational Therapist has successfully completed all requirements of registration as defined in the legislation. It is advisable to begin your registration application early, as you must be registered and hold the applicable practice license before commencing employment (including workplace orientation).

Application Forms

New applicants must provide evidence they meet the set requirements by completing the following application form and all other required documentation.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all correct documentation has been received. Please ensure you have included the following items.

  • Completed SSOT application form (signed and dated) SSOT application form
  • Proof of successful completion of the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE) 
  • Correct fee submitted with a certified cheque or money order in Canadian Funds
  • Name change verification (if your name has changed since you received your degree)
  • If you have never been registered with a Canadian occupational therapy regulatory organization please provide a notarized copy of your degree OR a letter sent directly from your CAOT accredited educational program to the Registrar stating that you have completed all fieldwork and academic requirements.

The application and accompanying documentation must be received by SSOT with full payment. Anticipate at least 7 days for your application to be processed.

You have 18 months following graduation from an approved occupational therapy education program before you will be required by SSOT to submit practise hours in order to receive and maintain your licence. After this initial 18 month period you will be required to work 1000 hours in the last five years or 600 hours in the last three years in a regulated province or country. If you do not meet this requirement go to the website page for Occupational Therapists returning to practice.

If your transcripts are not yet available:

SSOT recognizes that some of the required documentation, such as a notarized copy of your degree may not be immediately available. To accommodate this, SSOT will accept as an interim verification an original letter from your occupational therapy program head or designate which confirms that you have met all the requirements (including fieldwork) for graduating with a degree in occupational therapy. Check with your division/programme head about how to provide this to the Society. Once you have received your degree please forward a notarized copy of it to the SSOT Office.

If you have not successfully completed the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE):

Please refer to CAOT’s policy on number of attempts allowed to successfully complete the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE).

Prior to successful completion of the NOTCE, new graduates can apply for a Restricted Licence Level 2 for up to 20 months depending on the date of commencement of their Restricted License. Restricted License Level 2 holders will need to have a Designated Occupational Therapist or an Approved Supervisor and will need to submit reports to the Credentials Committee contact person bi-monthly until successful completion of the NOTCE. For more information about the Restricted License, please see the Restricted License Manual.

SSOT Restricted Licence Manual


SSOT’s membership year is from March 1 to the last day of February. There is a non-refundable application fee required with your application. New applicants registering with SSOT during the registration year are required to pay the annual registration fees listed in attached fee schedule.

Fee Schedule - Updated December 2016

Renewal of your registration is required on February 15 each year. The annual registration form and fee must be received by SSOT no later than February 15 to avoid a late fee penalty. If your annual registration form and fee are not received by the last day of February at 5 pm you will not be licensed to work in Saskatchewan as an Occupational Therapist and your employer will be notified.

Insurance and Frequently Asked Questions

Bylaws to require $5 Million liability/malpractice insurance for all SSOT practising members have been approved by the SSOT membership and the Minister of Health. This insurance is now required for all new SSOT practicing and restricted license applicants and will be required by all current SSOT members by February 28, 2009. SSOT does not endorse one provider or carrier over another. This insurance may be purchased through:

  • An independent insurance broker: a listing of Saskatchewan members is available through the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (www.ibac.ca)
  • The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (www.caot.ca)