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Student Membership

Student Membership is free and is a good way to start communicating with SSOT and learn about occupational therapy practice in Saskatchewan.

Student memberships only require one application for the duration of your academic program. You will need to submit the completed SSOT Student Application Form including a letter from a Canadian Occupational Therapy University program stating that you are currently enrolled in their program, or be included on a student enrollment list provided by the University with the end date of the program listed.

Student Application Form

With this SSOT student membership you will receive all SSOT email blasts (including job and educational opportunities) and information on changes to practise in Saskatchewan and membership meetings.

Please take the time to look at our website - particularly the menu heading New Applications then go to New Canadian Graduate in Occupational Therapy. This states all of the future requirements you will need to practise occupational therapy in Saskatchewan once you have completed your university education.

In order to work in Saskatchewan as an Occupational Therapist you must be registered as a practising member, this includes all work-site orientation. Please allow at least one week for your practicing licence to be processed before you start work.

You have 18 months following graduation from an approved occupational therapy education program before you will be required by SSOT to submit practise hours in order to receive and maintain your licence. After this initial 18 month period you will be required to work 1000 hours in the last five years or 600 hours in the last three years in a regulated province or country. If you do not meet this requirement go to the website page for Occupational Therapists returning to practice.