Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists

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The Administrative Assistant will be away from the office the August 10 - 17 and back in the office on August 22nd.  If you have any questions regarding registration please contact Sherry Just, SSOT Executive Director by email at ed@ssot.sk.ca or 306-229-6860.  Additionally, Miranda Hall, SSOT Registrar, can be reached at registrar@ssot.sk.ca for any registration questions.

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Registration renewals must be completed online by February 15th to avoid late fees and possible cancellation of your registration.  If you don't remember what your username and password is, please contact SSOT Admin (admin@ssot.sk.ca).

For all members renewing in practicing and restricted license categories, participation in the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is mandatory.  The CCP policies, outlining the requirements, are available on the SSOT website on the Continuing Competency Program page.  The Clinical and Non-Clinical Self-Assessment Tools and PDPO templates are also available on this page.

Complete renewal package

  1. SSOT Cover Letter
  2. Online Renewal Instructions
  3. Fee Schedule
  4. Renewal Checklist
  5. FAQ Sheet
  6. Practice Hours Policy
  7. Parental/Child Care Leave Information