Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists

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Renewals are now open!  SSOT members should have received an email and a mailed copy.  If you have not, please contact SSOT Admin at admin@ssot.sk.ca
SSOT Administrative Assistant will be away from the office January 19th - January 31st.  If you have any questions regarding renewals or registration, please contact Sherry Just, SSOT Executive Director by email at ed@ssot.sk.ca or Miranda Hall at registrar@ssot.sk.ca

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SSOT Mission Statement

To protect the public through quality regulation of occupational therapy practice in Saskatchewan, to support the continuing competence of our members, and to promote awareness of occupational therapy services.

The Society has three major functions:


As legislated by the Occupational Therapists Act, 1997, SSOT protects the public and ensures quality occupational therapy services in the following ways:
  1. through a registration process for all occupational therapists in Saskatchewan; and
  2. through clearly defined complaints and discipline processes to handle complaints against members.

Continuing Competence of Members:

SSOT facilitates the continuing competence of its members as occupational therapists in the following ways:
  1. through the SSOT Continuing Competency Program;
  2. provides a resource network for formal and informal communication;
  3. encourages and provides opportunities for continuing professional education; and
  4. encourages research.

Promote Awareness of and Improved Access to Occupational Therapy services:

SSOT promotes awareness of and improved access to Occupational Therapy services in the following ways:
  1. by educating the public about Occupational Therapy services;
  2. by advocating for an adequate and stable supply of occupational therapists in Saskatchewan;
  3. by supporting the expansion of occupational therapy roles and increased access to occupational therapy services for Saskatchewan residents; and
  4. by maintaining an active interest in the education of future occupational therapists.

Vision Statement

To ensure that all occupational therapy services are promoting the function and independence of Saskatchewan residents.