Those who have a Practicing or Restricted license with SSOT are required to participate in the Continuing Competency Program (CCP). The CPP uses a formalized process to substantiate that SSOT members are meeting essential competencies and engaging in professional development.

CCP Requirements

  • Complete the Self-Assessment Tool annually

  • Complete and submit the Professional Development Plan and Outcomes (PDPO) to SSOT by February 15th annually with license renewal.

  • Retain and maintain the SSOT Professional Portfolio, including PDPOs and documentation of progress towards or completion of PDPOs.

  • PDPOs must be retained for 10 years.

  • Participate in the audit process if they are selected.

Continuing Competency Program Documents

Self-Assessment Tool

  • Clinical Self-Assessment Tool (PDF)
  • Clinical Self-Assessment Tool (Word)
  • Non-Clinical Self-Assessment Tool (PDF)
  • Non-Clinical Self-Assessment Tool (Word)
  • Professional Development Plan Outcomes (PDPO)

  • Clinical PDPO (PDF)
  • Clinical PDPO (Word)
  • Non-Clinical PDPO (PDF)
  • Non-Clinical PDPO (Word)
  • Continuing Competency Program Resources

  • Continuing Competency Program Presentation Slides January 5, 2021
  • Professional Development Log (PDF)
  • Professional Development Log (Word)
  • PDPO Example 1
  • PDPO Example 2
  • ACOTRO - Quick Reference Guide to Essential Competencies 
  • Continuing Competency Program Audit

  • Conflict of Interest Declaration (PDF)
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration (Word)
  • Policy for Exemptions and Extensions
  • PDPO Audit Checklist