Early Years

On September 23rd, 1955, a meeting was held to form the Saskatchewan Association of Occupational Therapists. Originally intended to be for Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy (CAOT) members, there was discussion about allowing non-CAOT members to join as well. Around this time period the "name" was sometimes referred to as the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists.

On November 5th, 1965, the organization "Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapy" was incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporations Act. Around this time period the name switched from "Occupational Therapy" to "Occupational Therapists".

In March of 1975, a submission was made by SSOT to the Saskatchewan Minister of Public Health "On the need for an educational program for occupational therapists in Saskatchewan. This was the first "formal" brief to government. Prior to this time, the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (CARS) had been active in promoting a Saskatchewan School of Rehabilitation with courses in occupational therapy and physical therapy, together with the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and the Co-ordinating Council for Rehabilitation (Saskatchewan).