Professional Conduct Committee

To review and investigate a written complaint expressing concern about an SSOT member’s occupational therapy practice in Saskatchewan.

Discipline Committee

To hear complaints forwarded to it by the Professional Conduct Committee and to determine whether or not the SSOT member is guilty of professional misconduct or professional incompetence – Section 28.3 (OT Act, 1997).

Governance Committee

To review the Act, bylaws, policies and procedures of the Society, and make recommendations to Council to keep these materials current, consistent and appropriate.

Practice Standards Committee

To advise Council on matters related to the standards, guidelines, ethics, competencies and continuing education required for Occupational Therapists in order to ensure the provision of safe, ethical and effective occupational therapy service to the Saskatchewan public.

Continuing Competence Committee

To advise council on matters related to the continuing competency of members and to implement the continuing competency program.

Registration & Licensing Committee

To advise and support the SSOT Registrar when making recommendations to Council regarding membership and licensing.

Finance Committee

To support the Treasurer when making recommendations to Council with respect to efficient, responsible use and investment of Society monies.

Communications Committee

To develop and implement communication strategies to facilitate communications with the public, members, and other stakeholders.

Human Resources & Nominations Committee

To provide advice to the President, Executive Director and/or Council on human resource policies and staffing issues. To ensure that qualified candidates are encouraged to stand for election to SSOT Council, for appointments as SSOT representatives, or to SSOT Committees. To oversee the democratic election of SSOT Council members.